Advertising Spend with UBR

Dedicated Ads Specialists

You’ll gain access to a team of certified advertising specialists that can run campaigns for your clients on multiple platforms, making the most of your clients’ budgets to serve ads to the right audience.

Smart Optimization

Campaigns are edited and optimized as they progress, making the most of your client’s ad spend within the platform. View the campaign performance, insights, and optimizations via the AdIntel dashboard and within the Task Manager project.

Expert’s Choice

Let our team of specialists take any guesswork out of running campaigns, giving you your time back. Select "Expert’s choice” in the order form to allow our team to choose the most optimal platform(s) for your client's campaign, based on their budget and goals.

Days to go live

Our team can launch a campaign in as little as two to five business days with our Quick Launch feature. Simply check off Quick Launch :white_check_mark: in the order form, but please note that failure to provide all relevant assets and the addition of add-ons may delay this timeline.