Promotional Videos

Mobodyne Storyboard

Probably the most exciting growing industry yet to be unearthed out of Utah. Rich Holloman narrates his Moboflyer in action as passenger drones will take to the skies in the very near future. Rich will head up the safest version of flight with Mobodyne, proving to provide the finest version of Search and Rescue mankind will know and soon have access to from coast to coast and beyond. Made in Utah, USA

Everharvest Introduction

A new Premium Seed Company is in bloom this Spring of 2021, hosted by Sandy. What a joyful spirit as we are so lucky to work around this sweet soul. Enjoy it all while growing your gardens with Everharvest and purchase your premium heirloom seeds right here in Utah. Thanks, Sandy!

Bodex Introduction

We were blessed to have worked with Sumit Parashar of Bodex. A former Architect at Adobe and a master of the internet has shown UBR a thing or two. Bodex provides custom web applications for the military and government. Thank you for allowing us to have fun with an introduction video for your company.

Gecko Advertising Intro

Something about that dang Gecko just sticks. And so does their advertising too. Gecko Advertising, a small ad shop in California has worked alongside UBR for over a year as we have collaborated on multiple projects. UBR provides advertising for all cities. In other words, there is no geological discrimination around here. We rocked New York with some zest from a Gecko. Big ad companies should be shaking in their boots.